Full name:  Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage
Distilled by:  Heaven Hills Distillery  (Bardstown, KY)
Age:  9 years
Alcohol percentage:  43.6%  (86.6 proof)
Oregon Price:  $25-30/750mL
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If you reach for the Evan Williams brand, make damn sure it's this one.  The folks at Heaven Hill also make an Evan Williams green label and black label, both of which should be set out when your cousins come over to mix whiskey with Pepsi on Thanksgiving.  This bourbon, while not approaching the quality of the ones listed above, is still an above-average entry.  It is extremely aromatic and slightly sweeter than most.  At a regular price of $30, however, there's better bourbons you could buy.  If it's on sale, though, it's worth a shot.
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3 / 5
3 / 5
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