Middle Class and
Budget Model
Middle Class:
These are good party vodkas.  They won’t put undue strain on your pocketbook, but also won’t have your guests turning their nose up at your choice (unless they’re exceptionally “snooty”).

Smirnoff - The most popular "middle of the road" vodka out there. $13-15/750mL

Gordon's - Probably one of the better brands for under $10...but don't expect too much.  $8-10/750mL

Taaka - When you can't spend the extra scratch for Skyy.  $10-11/750mL

Budget Models:
Mixing and on a really tight budget (i.e. college dudes ready to get f*cked up???).  Well, these are the "best" of the rest:

Burnett's - It's got the alcohol in it, at least.  $8/750mL
Gilbey's - Pretty much the same as Burnett's.  $8/750mL
Popov - Crack this one after a really bad day that can only be topped off by a really bad hangover.  $7-8/750mL

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