Plymouth  ($25) - A gin style all unto itself and one of the best gin experiences you'll have.  Plymouth will make your gin martini a wonderful treat.  Grade:  A

Magellan ($30) – A naturally blue gin (unlike Bombay Sapphire, where only the bottle is blue), Magellan has gained popularity recently amongst gin aficionados.  Grade:  A-

Citadelle  ($30) – Once was missing from Oregon, which is a shame due to it being a wonderfully smooth and flavorful gin.  Grade:  A

Quintessential  ($30) – Also discontinued in Oregon at one time, this is a fine gin that is worth looking for. Grade:  A

Hendrick’s  ($25) – A Scottish gin that has the “gimmick” of being infused with cucumber and rose petals.   Grade:  A-

Tanqueray Ten ($25-28) – Tanqueray’s beautifully bottled, exceptional gin that is far better than their everyday gin.  Grade:  A

Bombay Sapphire ($24) – The grand companion to regular Bombay, it is widely advertised and consumed.  May be the most well known gin around…and may deserve to be.  Grade:  A-

Baffert's ($25) – Relatively new to Oregon and myself, it's got a rabid fan base...if limited.  It goes very light on the botanicals that are gin's signature, making Baffert's very nearly a vodka...but with a gin taste.   Grade:  A-

G'Vine  (???)  -  I received a complimentary bottle of this wonderful gin and painfully nursed it fearing that it would eventually be gone.  I don't know how much it is, how hard it is to find it, but it's worth the effort. Grade:  A