Vodka is the most popular liquor around, due in no small part to its ease in mixing.  Vodka can be added to just about any other beverage (juice, soda, tonic, cola, etc.) and, if you’re not too overly generous in your pour, can almost go unnoticed.  Note that I did say almost, people.

Vodka was originally distilled from wheat, but is now mostly made from rye, corn, or (in growing popularity) potatoes.  There is a “myth” swirling around that vodka distilled from potatoes does not cause hangovers.  Hmph.  In my experience, if you drink anything to the point of being’re going to have a hangover.  Hangovers are caused by such a kaleidoscope of factors colliding (amount of water you drink, food in your system, time of sleep, etc.) that saying a liquor was the result of a mild hangover is pretty presumptuous.  Certainly the quality and cleanliness of the liquor you drink will help hangover matters, but not completely alleviate them.

Vodka is also coming in an array of flavors now, the most common being citrus, orange, berry, and vanilla.  But, you can also find companies with cranberry, apple, spiced, and even chocolate flavor!  For our purposes, however, we won't deal with the flavors and just focus on vodka in its original form. 

Now...which vodka to drink?  I’ve listed the vodkas below in 4 categories (Ultimate, Top-Shelf, Middle Class, and Budget Models).  I‘ve also included the price range for a 750mL bottle in the state of Oregon.  Prices will vary across the country.  New vodkas are released seemingly weekly, so this list is extremely partial.  But, for a novice, it will be a nice guide.  Cheers!

Ultimate Vodkas
Top Shelf Vodkas
Middle Class and Budget ModelVodkas